Pioneering diagnostics

Unique Partnership Model 

bioMérieux is independent, as one of the only pure-play diagnostic manufacturers, allowing broad partnering possibilities to develop theranostics.

We offer our partners a unique hybrid business model - global IVD business allied with our CLIA certified laboratory - for strategic flexibility:

Partnerships for drugs under development

bioMérieux offers flexible and responsive partnering options for all phases of clinical development. Laboratory-developed (LDT) tests can be rapidly developed for earlier stage Phase I and II trials, while LDTs and Investigational Use Only (IUO) tests can be developed for pivotal Phase II/III and post-market trials. bioMérieux can also streamline subsequent FDA or CE-marked kit registration on a timeline coinciding with drug launch.

Value for our pharmaceutical partners :

  • stratification of the right candidates for successful treatment,
  • reduction in trial cost and duration,
  • aggressive pricing strategy based on high-benefit risk ratio molecule,
  • quicker market adoption.

Partnerships for drugs already on the market

A companion test can be developed for already approved drugs. The assay provides guidance and optimizes the therapeutic use.

Value for our pharmaceutical and payer partners :

  • stratification of the right population,
  • monitoring of treatment efficacy and side effects,
  • optimizing the use of very expensive medications among those most likely to benefit,
  • better health economics value proposition.