Pioneering diagnostics

A tradition of innovation

Establishing oneself, over a period of 50 years, as a leader in diagnostics, in particular, microbiology and advancing technologies for the detection and identification of pathogens, requires consistent evaluation of the approaches being taken and a real commitment to scientific and clinical partnerships.

Over and above the achievements of our researchers, we are always on the outlook for technological and scientific breakthroughs and have a strategy of international collaborations to remain pioneers in our field.                

Since its earliest days, bioMérieux has placed innovation at the heart of its activity. Its R&D programs target twin objectives:

  • Strengthen the medical value of diagnostics by providing more rapid results, tools for detecting new pathogens, tests with a high clinical value, and biomarkers for personalized treatments based on the profile of each patient.
  • Help reduce healthcare costs: by increasing the efficiency and productivity of laboratories and healthcare organizations, and by contributing to the overall reduction of the cost of treatment and hospitalization.
  • About 12% of revenue invested in R&D each year
  • Over 1,400 people working at 20 R&D sites around the world
  • Numerous collaborative agreements in 12 countries where worldwide scientific and medical innovation are focused