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 School Relations

We maintain an active relationship with educational institutions to support the entry of students into the workplace and develop opportunities for partnerships between the corporate and academic worlds.

School relations are at the core of our recruitment and integration policy for students and new graduates. We strive to introduce students to the diversity of our business through various activities including forums, teaching partnerships, training, first job experiences, etc.

Forums: meeting our future co-workers

  • You want to know more about bioMérieux? You’re wondering about the company’s career paths? You’re curious about the geographic and professional mobility that we offer?
  • Come meet us at a career forum!
  • Discussions with our managers at the forums are open and lively.
  • We also get an opportunity to highlight our unique corporate identity: both family-owned and global.

Partnerships: a long-term commitment

  • As a corporate citizen, bioMérieux is committed to integrating new graduates into the workforce. We play a role in the communities surrounding our sites by supporting local schools.
  • The partnerships that we establish may be varied but all share a long-term investment in both the schools and their students.

Partnership between INSA Lyon and bioMérieux: an obvious choice
31,000 INSA engineers throughout the world
About 1,000 graduates each year

    "The relationship between INSA Lyon (France) and bioMérieux goes back a long way and Dr. Charles Mérieux was at the origin of the Biosciences Department when the school was founded in 1957. Since that time, the department has trained over 1,200 engineers who work in a wide range of scientific fields. Twenty-some engineers from the Biosciences Department alone work at bioMérieux today and three to four students from the department participate every year in internships lasting from 6 to 18 months.
    The Biochemistry Association (ABIL – Association of Biochemists and Biocomputer Specialists of INSA Lyon) initiated a partnership between the 2011 graduating class and bioMérieux. Signed at the end of 2008, it covers the cost of integration weekends and university exchange programs and provides job interview simulations and exploratory visits of the company.
    bioMérieux thus benefits from a privileged access to our students who, aware of the field of healthcare and companies’ expectations, are given internship and job opportunities. The experience shared by bioMérieux employees get our students’ careers off to a great start.

Philippe Lejeune, head of the INSA BioSciences Department

bioMérieux internships: real job experience

  • We open our doors every year to hundreds of interns throughout the world.
    • Interns acquire significant professional experience.
    • They work on well-defined projects, in which they are given responsibilities and hands-on experience.
    • They are part of a talent pool that we tap into when recruiting for a new position.