Pioneering diagnostics

Relationships with Third Parties

At bioMérieux, we are serious about our responsibilities to the local communities where our sites are located and towards the global community as a partner in public health.  Our commitment to the highest quality products, services and ethics is a result of our dedication to these communities.

bioMérieux operates within a framework of principles, policies and procedures that reflect the highest ethical standards. We strive to build long-term relationships with partners who share our commitment to promoting ethical business practices. By choosing to working with partners who share our values, we promote stronger ethics throughout the marketplace.

Third parties often play a fundamental role in the Company’s business, but they also can pose significant risk. In some cases, the company can be subject to civil and criminal penalties for the unethical practices of their third parties. This is particularly true with third party intermediaries, such as distributors. Third party intermediaries should never be allowed to perform any actions that would be illegal or unethical for our own employees to perform.

Third Party Intermediaries

Third parties often play a fundamental role in the Company’s business in various countries by identifying local opportunities, developing local relationships and advising on local customs.  However, they also can pose significant corruption risk.  Individuals and companies can be subject to civil and criminal penalties for corrupt payments to government officials made on their behalf by their representatives – such as third party intermediaries, consultants and distributors. The Company and its employees can be held responsible for the misconduct. Because of this, we must ensure that we deal only with third parties that operate under the same ethical and legal principles that we do.

Working with Healthcare Providers

The ultimate purpose of bioMérieux’s interactions with Health Care Providers (HCP) is to enhance the quality of patient care and improve public health.  Employees must never offer or provide anything to an HCP with the intention of inappropriately influencing the HCP to prescribe, recommend, purchase, or supply our products.

Industry codes of conducts

Industry associations often have codes of conduct for their members that mirror the rules of a particular country. 

bioMérieux S.A, member of EDMA/EUCOMED and bioMérieux Inc, member of ADVAMED, apply  to their respective Codes of Conduct.