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Our management of human resources looks to the future: we do not recruit applicants just for the job at hand but for their career potential in the company.

Our employees work on projects that may take several years before they come to fruition. This long-term vision is an integral part of our company and our approach to recruitment.

Our approach to recruitment

bioMérieux places patients and, more broadly, people, at the heart of its activities.

We place a high premium on the interpersonal skills and facility of job applicants to adapt to their environment. Such qualities are good indicators of an applicant’s capacity to be part of a team and of our corporate culture, as well as his or her career development potential within the company.

Professional background and degrees open the way to the first job interview, but as soon as the recruitment process begins, it is the individual facing the recruiter that counts.

There is a minimum of three interviews for each job opening, with Human Resources, the hiring manager and the senior manager above. The level of English and the ability to work in a multicultural environment are key for most positions. 

If you are open minded, enjoy participating in change and are passionate about improving healthcare, join us to work towards bioMérieux’s important mission.