Pioneering diagnostics



Overexpression of the Transcription Factor Sp1 Activates the OAS-RNAse L-RIG-I Pathway
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CD24-Triggered Caspase-Dependent Apoptosis Via Mitochondrial Membrane Depolarization and Reactive Oxygen Species Production of Human Neutrophils Is Impaired in Sepsis
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Molecular Medicine 2012


Bacterial infections

Assessment of Terbium (III) As a Luminescent Probe for the Detection of Tuberculosis Biomarkers
Bamogo W, Mugherli L, Banyasz A, Novelli-Rousseau A, Mallard F, Tran-Thi TH.
Analytica Chimica Acta 2015

Granulomatous Response to Coxiella Burnetii, the Agent of Q Fever: the Lessons from Gene Expression Analysis
Faugaret D, Ben AA, Alingrin J, Daumas A, Delaby A, Lepolard C, Raoult D, Textoris J, Mege JL.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2014

Viral infections

Differential Proteomic Analysis of Virus-Enriched Fractions Obtained From Plasma Pools of Patients with Dengue Fever or Severe Dengue
Fragnoud R, Flamand M, Reynier F, Buchy P, Duong V, Pachot A, Paranhos-Baccala G, Bedin F.
BMC Infectious Diseases 2015

Comparative Exoproteomics and Host Inflammatory Response in Staphylococcus Aureus Skin and Soft Tissue Infections, Bacteremia, and Subclinical Colonization
Liew YK, Awang HR, van Belkum A, Chong PP, Neela V.
Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 2015

Dengue sévère : des hypothèses de la pathogénicité aux outils de pronostic
Fragnoud R., Paranhos-Baccala G., Bedin F.
Virologie 2014

Isotope Coded Protein Labeling Analysis of Plasma Specimens From Acute Severe Dengue Fever Patients.
Fragnoud R, Yugueros-Marcos J, Pachot A, Bedin F.
Proteome Science 2012

Nonstructural Protein NS1 Immunodominant Epitope Detected Specifically in Dengue Virus Infected Material by a SELDI-TOF/MS Based Assay.
Steidel M, Fragnoud R, Guillotte M, Roesch C, Michel S, Meunier T, Paranhos-Baccala G, Gervasi G, Bedin F.
Journal of Medical Virology 2012

Microarray-Based Sketches of the HERV Transcriptome Landscape.
Perot P, Mugnier N, Montgiraud C, Gimenez J, Jaillard M, Bonnaud B, Mallet F.
PLoS One 2012

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