Pioneering diagnostics

Product Quality and Safety

At bioMérieux, we never forget that every day, somewhere in the world, a clinician makes a decision for a treatment, or a food product is released for consumption, based on the quality of a test we provide.

The quality of our diagnostics have a direct impact on the quality of the test results our customers provide to those who depend on them. This is why we consider Quality to be everybody’s responsibility at bioMérieux.

New companies, new subsidiaries, new products: the scope of our growth and the complexity of our actions mean that as a company, we have to move very quickly while maintaining the highest standards of control in an extremely regulated environment. We strive to provide one set of standards and one set of processes throughout the world.

Quality Policy

The shared goal and responsibility of each bioMérieux employee is to understand customers’ needs, to provide innovative, high medical value products and services that enhance public health worldwide.

We strive to create and maintain a sustainable quality culture, to continuously develop employees and to improve our processes to meet  and anticipate customer expectations in an evolving regulatory environment.

Quality by design

We have our minds set on doing better every day and when it comes to our Quality Policy, we adopt a holistic approach. Our goal is Quality by design in everything we do: our aim is not to create Quality by checking, but Quality right from the start by integrating it into every aspect of our work.

We have a Global Quality Management System to oversee our processes and manage risk. This approach helps assure fulfillment of regulatory requirements. It leads to decreased production cycle times, reduced product nonconformities and an optimized supply chain. Products can thus be launched rapidly on the market to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Quality is everybody’s responsibility :

Quality is not the job of the Quality Organization alone: It is a shared responsibility by all employees, affecting everybody from R&D and Manufacturing to Sales and Marketing, as well as all the Support functions. Performance indicators engage all employees in the achievement of quality objectives. Continuous improvement initiatives are in place, and best practices are exchanged among the company’s teams worldwide.

Recognizing the essential role that diagnostics plays in public health, it is our responsibility to help customers do their job by understanding their needs and making sure that we meet them. Our Quality Policy is key to achieving this.