Pioneering diagnostics

Our Industry Focus

Food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and biotechnology: diagnostics ensure critical product safety.

Industrial companies, whether in the food, biopharmaceutical or cosmetics sectors, control the microbiological quality of the products that they manufacture or process. They need to be able to count on extremely reliable monitoring tools to ensure the health of consumers and patients and comply with stringent regulations.





The growing importance of diagnostics

To ensure the microbiological quality of their finished products, biopharmaceutical, cosmetics and food processing companies must check the raw materials, the production tools and environment and the products throughout the manufacturing process. The following are a few examples:

  • Sterility testing to ensure injectable medications do not contain any microorganisms,
  • Verifying the absence of pathogenic bacteria to guarantee food is free of Salmonella,
  • Checking on the quantity of microorganisms present in certain products, which must not exceed defined limits to preserve the taste and smell of food products.

Diagnostic tests help to ensure the safety of products and their production environment, and thus play a part in protecting the health of consumers.

bioMérieux: world leader in industrial microbiology

Our product offering

bioMérieux offers the most extensive range of solutions for industrial microbiological control, both manual and automated, providing quick and reliable results to companies in the food, biopharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. These solutions cover all stages of analysis, from sample preparation to the identification of the microorganisms.

These solutions are used to qualify raw materials, for in process control during production, and to test the finished products to establish their shelf life.

bioMérieux takes into account the cultures, manufacturing processes and dietary habits specific to different countries. Companies can therefore choose the solution that is best suited to their needs, from a comprehensive range of options.

Food industry

Major healthcare scandals arising regularly are of concern to health authorities and consumers alike, as are instances of small-scale contamination, such as Listeria. The food industry pays increasing attention to the safety of its products.

bioMérieux offers high-performance tools for the microbiological control of food, ideally suited to meet the growing expectations of the food industry.

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology

The products manufactured by these industries are complex and must meet stringent specifications. They must undergo microbiological tests carried out using analytical solutions that are validated by notified bodies and compliant with the requirements of official agencies.

Our factories have ISO 9001 certification and are audited at regular intervals by our biopharmaceutical customers. Thus, we comply fully with the criteria specified by these heavily regulated industries and are able to offer the solutions that best meet their needs.