Pioneering diagnostics

Our model for innovation

Internationalization, acquisitions and partnerships are the key to bioMérieux’s model for innovation.

Through its pioneering approach, the Company has succeeded in building upon its solid foundations in biology to embrace the principles of open innovation: it has set up programs in the countries where the world’s top specialists and researchers are now concentrated and established multi-disciplinary collaborations with public and private sector life sciences groups.

With 20 R&D sites around the world, bioMérieux deploys its innovation strategy in those countries from which a large proportion of current scientific and medical progress originates.

This global outlook enables bioMérieux to maintain excellent scientific intelligence and to establish partnerships with numerous international research entities in the USA, China, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Singapore. It promotes improved knowledge of medical needs in every region of the world and enhances the company’s capacity to innovate, thanks to the diversity of partners from different cultures.

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Open innovation

Recent innovation method based on cooperation between companies and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.