Pioneering diagnostics

Myla®, an IT solution for microbiology laboratories

The introduction of IT solutions into labs is key to accelerating the availability of diagnostic test results.


Why it’s important

  • The effectiveness of patient care depends heavily on the time taken to administer the appropriate treatment. The more pertinent the results and the faster they are made available, the earlier this treatment can be administered, improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs.
  • The fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria and the challenge of healthcare-associated infections are key public health issues that require a closer exchange of information between the microbiology lab and other health professionals in the hospital.
  • Laboratory managers are striving to deliver faster results in a challenging context:
    • laboratory consolidation and healthcare budget constraints,
    • increasingly complex workflow with a smaller workforce and, in many cases, fewer skilled technicians,
    • greater demand for quality assurance and traceability of samples and results.

A new IT solution

  • Myla® was conceived by microbiologists for microbiologists to help them gain time in collecting, consulting and reporting results.
  • An integral part of the solutions and services proposed by bioMérieux for Full Microbiology Lab Automation, Myla is an intelligent software system developed to transform the work of laboratory managers and technicians.
    • Myla consolidates and manages the data coming from different sources such as instruments, the laboratory information system and even other hospital information systems.
      • It transforms these data into a form directly exploitable for taking clinical decisions.
    • It helps gain time in extracting and reporting clinical information thanks to a simple graphic interface and a customizable dashboard.
      • The dashboard gives an overview of the activities to be performed within the microbiology lab.
      • It provides enhanced visibility and control of testing processes, streamlining the laboratory workflow.
    • The application allows real-time access so that the most relevant information is rapidly and readily available to lab personnel and clinicians, even remotely.