Pioneering diagnostics

Molecular Biology

Molecular diagnostics provide rapid results with a high level of sensitivity and specificity.

Molecular biology is based on the detection of DNA or RNA gene sequences that are specific to a bacterium, virus, protein or cell. There are three main steps in molecular diagnostics:

  • extraction of nucleic acids (genetic material) from the sample,
  • amplification (or multiplication) of the number of genetic sequences,
  • detection of the copies of genetic sequences following amplification.

Molecular biology tests are carried out directly on the clinical sample and results can be obtained within a few hours. They are used to:

  • detect pathogens (bacteria, viruses and yeast),
  • identify antibiotic resistance mechanisms,
  • measure the quantity of a virus, such as HIV, present in blood,
  • guide and personalize treatment decisions, such as for cancer patients,
  • monitor the effectiveness of treatment,
  • determine the reaction of human cells to a disease or infection.

Medical value

bioMérieux's molecular biology offering covers different hospital laboratories needs:

Syndromic approach for emergency testing with FilmArray®

Flexibility and automation for routine testing

  • A comprehensive automated solution for reference or centralized labs: easyMAG® + easySTREAM™ + Life Technologies thermocyclers + ARGENE®
    • Efficient modular workflow
    • Easily integrated into the labs’ existing structure
    • Adapted to large and flexible batches
    • the bioMérieux easyMAG® sample purification platform designed to meet the most critical needs when it comes to premium quality total nucleic acid extraction.
    • easySTREAM™**, a Liquid Handling System for the assay PCR set-up.
    • ARGENE®, one of the most comprehensive ranges of Real-Time PCR tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases associated with immunocompromized persons and patients with respiratory infections and meningo-encephalitis.
      • Read more information about:
        • bioMérieux's Parvovirus B19 R-gene® kit, a new ARGENE® test for the detection and quantification of the three Parvovirus B19 genotypes.
        • Our new Legio pneumo/Cc r-gene® kit which completes our Respiratory Multi Well System (MWS) range of real-time PCR kits.
* The syndromic approach is based on analyzing a syndrome (a set of symptoms) and, in a single test, identifying organisms causing the disease, whether they are viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungi.
** Available in Europe

Personalized medicine

  • Theranostics approach, also known as personalized medicine, combines:
    • Companion diagnostic tests designed to select patients according to their capacity to respond to treatment.
    • Targeted and personalized therapies according to patients.
  • This solution offers clinicians a standardized, reproducible and clinically validated method that will allow them to take confident decisions.
    • In this theranostics field, bioMérieux works with the pharmaceutical industry to develop high medical value diagnostic tests to enable decisions based on a patient’s capacity to respond to treatment, thus contributing to a more personalized approach to medicine.
    • In 2013 bioMérieux launched the THxID™ BRAF kit, its novel molecular test, developed in collaboration with GSK. This companion diagnostic test provides oncologists with key information that will help them choose an appropriate treatment for the melanoma patient Press Release