Pioneering diagnostics

Mérieux Université

Mérieux Université is an organization dedicated to collaboration and training for Institut Mérieux’s entities and open to external companies and institutions

Transmit our knowledge and our values, for excellence and permanent progress.

Institut Mérieux created Mérieux Université based on its values and unique competencies. The Institut Mérieux has indeed a very strong pioneering and entrepreneurial tradition that Mérieux Université wishes to sustain within all of the Mérieux Institut entities and share with all companies involved in continuous improvement.

Based in Montcelard*, Mérieux Université’s missions are to:

  • develop talents,
  • enhance organizational effectiveness, entrepreneurial leadership and culture of excellence,
  • de-compartmentalize the scientific, industrial, and academic worlds,
  • create programs open to external companies and scientific communities.

Mérieux Université prepares you to embrace the challenges of medical, scientific, technologic and economic advancements and regressions by focusing on three key success factors:

  • Performance : unite energies around shared projects.
  • Cross-functional teams : train and help managers promote team work and cross-functional work.
  • Execution excellence : help employees adapt their technical skills and competencies to current and future needs.

More information

* Domaine de Montcelard – 113, Route de Paris – 69160 Tassin La Demi-Lune