Pioneering diagnostics

Mass spectrometry technology

Progress in Proteomics for Clinical Microbiology : MALDI-TOF MS for Microbial Species Identification and More
van Belkum A, Chatellier S, Girard V, Pincus DH, Deol P, Dunne WM. 
Expert Review of Proteomics 2015

The Ongoing Revolution of MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry for Microbiology Reaches Tropical Africa
Fall B, Lo CI, Samb-Ba B, Perrot N, Diawara S, Gueye MW, Sow K, Aubadie-Ladrix M, Mediannikov O, Sokhna C, Dieme Y, Chatellier S, Wade B, Raoult D, Fenollar F.
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2015

Annotation of the Human Serum Metabolome by Coupling Three Liquid Chromatography Methods to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Boudah S, Olivier MF, Aros-Calt S, Oliveira L, Fenaille F, Tabet JC, Junot C.
Journal of Chromatography. B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences 2014

Classification of Proteomic MS Data as Bayesian Solution of an Inverse Problem
Szacherski P, Giovannelli JF, Gerfault L, Mahe P, Charrier JP, Giremus A, Lacroix B, Grangeat P.
IEEE Access 2014

Vacuum Ultraviolet Action Spectroscopy of Polysaccharides.
Enjalbert Q., Brunet C., Vernier A., Allouche A.R., Antoine R., Dugourd P., Lemoine J., Giuliani A., Nahon L.
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 2013

Alternative Representation for the Stability Diagram of Quadrupole Ion Traps Upon Additional Quadrupolar Excitation.
Vernier A., Chirot F., Antoine R., Salvador A., Charrier J.P., Lemoine J., Dugourd P.
European Journal of Mass Spectrometry 2013

The Current Status of Clinical Proteomics and the Use of MRM and MRM3 for Biomarker Validation.
Lemoine J., Fortin T., Salvador A., Jaffuel A., Charrier J.P., Choquet-Kastylevsky G.
Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 2012

Mass Spectrometry Identification

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