Pioneering diagnostics

Job Profiles

We recruit and foster the development of our employees within each division and encourage internal mobility across every division worldwide.

Our global presence with 42 subsidiaries and the distribution of our broad range of products and services in over 160 countries give our employees the opportunity to have international careers.

More than biology

We have more than two hundred job profiles across 4 major divisions: the areas of activity at bioMérieux result in a highly diverse range of jobs. There’s more to bioMérieux than biology!

  • We have earned a reputation for our research and laboratories. Yet in order for us to manufacture the instruments on which our tests run, to invent the software that allows our platforms to operate, to sell our products and services globally and to provide operational support for our teams, we recruit individuals coming from extremely varied backgrounds worldwide, for four major professional divisions:
    • Research and Development
    • Manufacturing / Supply Chain, and Purchasing
    • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
    • Support functions: Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs, Intellectual Property, etc.

A great variety of jobs

As bioMérieux changes and grows, new positions are constantly being created.


  • With an annual investment of about 12% of sales, bioMérieux devotes significant resources to research and development.
  • Our teams work in numerous fields. We recruit, for example:
    • Engineers, physicists, systems & software architects, automation and electronics engineers, as well as ergonomists to design our instruments,
    • Mathematicians, biostatisticians, data managers and computer scientists to design our software,

Scientists, such as biologists, and project managers to conduct research on our tests.


  • At 21 bioindustrial sites throughout the world, some 3,000 employees are working to produce over 2,500 product references meeting strict quality and performance criteria.
  •  We are often recruiting:
    • Production technician
    • Production operator
    • Team manager
    • Quality control technician
    • Validation engineer
    • Supply chain manager
    • Buyer

Commercial operations

  • We are developing our service offering for customers, which creates opportunities for candidates with previous experience in creating or selling services or in key account management.
  • Positions we are regularly hiring include:
    • Sales representative
    • Sales team manager
    • Systems engineer
    • Application specialist
    • Marketing product team leader

To discover our current job openings worldwide, visit bioMérieux Recruitment