Pioneering diagnostics

Ethics & Compliance

bioMérieux is committed to bringing the highest standards of business ethics and regulatory compliance to everything we do.

Upholding ethical standards

The global Ethics and Compliance Program ensures that policies and practices both internally and publicly, are compliant with bioMérieux’s commitment to an organizational culture of ethics and integrity. A Global Code of Conduct helps guide employees’ choices, actions and behaviors in a complex and diverse global business environment.

Valuing our business partners

We are dedicated to building a long-term relationship with suppliers, based on a responsible and sustainable approach to purchasing, which is key to our mutual success.

Ensuring global product quality

We never forget that every day, across the globe, clinicians are making treatment decisions and food or pharmaceutical products are being released for consumption based on the results of our tests. bioMérieux’s Quality Policy  and Global Quality Management System guide our internal processes to ensure an optimum level of performance with high quality outcomes and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Upholding the Global Compact’s Principles

Since 2003, bioMérieux has been a member of the Global Compact, an international initiative under the auspices of the United Nations that aims to address the problems generated by globalization.