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Ethics and Compliance Program

The Ethics and Compliance Program plays an important role in driving compliance across bioMérieux’s business activities and is an integral part of the values, culture and philosophy of the Company.

bioMérieux has always prided itself on maintaining high ethical standards throughout every part of the company. We operate within a framework of principles, policies and procedures that reflect the highest ethical standards. In doing so, we endeavor to continually improve within the areas of labor standards, human rights,and the environment, and to work against corruption in any form.

Global Ethics & Compliance Officer

The Program

The Ethics and Compliance Program strives to promote ethical conduct in all business dealings. It should allow all bioMérieux employees to contribute to the development of the activity in accordance with the Group culture and all relevant regulations.

The Program aims to promote ethical business conduct in accordance with  regulations, train employees on ethical standards, and to allow those who have questions or concerns to express them.

This program is part of an effort to mitigate risks and it will progressively address each principle defined in the Global Code of Conduct with a yearly set of  key priorities to roll out in the regions and subsidiaries.

Compliance Risk Approach