Pioneering diagnostics

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Our field of diagnostics and the challenges we must address, give us a uniquely global outlook and sense of responsibility for individuals and the community at large

  • We are acutely aware that we belong to a community. Our employees, based at sites in over 40 countries, reflect the diversity of their surrounding communities.
  • Our initiatives vary from community to community, but one thing remains the same, our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 


  • Our diversity promotes a myriad of ideas and experiences that drive creativity and innovation. The future success of our company is dependent upon this cross-fertilization.


 bioMérieux ranks 7th among French companies for  gender equality

  In a report published by Equileap, an NGO working to accelerate progress  towards gender         equality in the workplace worldwide, bioMérieux was ranked 7th among French companies           promoting gender equality and 39th among the Top 200 international companies included in this   global ranking.

  Published in April 2017, the global ranking concerns 3,048 international companies with a             market capitalization of over €2 billion in 23 developed countries. The ranking looks at 19 data     points to measure companies’ progress in 4 categories:

  • Gender balance in leadership and the workforce,
  • Equal compensation and work/life balance,
  • Policies promoting gender equality,
  • Commitment to women’s empowerment within the company.

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Equal opportunities

  • At bioMérieux, we are committed to an environment of equal employment and advancement opportunity for all. We strongly believe the diversity of our employees is a strength. Our goal is to keep building and sustaining a diverse workforce, through:
  • Integration of a diversity philosophy starting with our Global Code of Conduct and bioMérieux procedures and policies.
  • Recruitment efforts targeting minority universities.
  • Creation of a corporate program “Women Ready for Leadership Diversity” (WoRLD) sponsored by the Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, and participation in national networks such as Alliance pour la Mixité en Entreprise (AME) in France to ensure and facilitate the representation of women in leadership roles.
  • A balanced organization : half of the workforce (50% as of December 31, 2013) and around 43% of managers at bioMérieux are women. In 2013, the role of women in the Group made progress on several fronts: 29% of female employees are between ages 25 and 34, compared with 25% of men, illustrating an increase in female employees at the base of the age pyramid.
  • Increasing the number of employees with special needs by reinforcing collaboration with specialized organizations and adapting the work environment to meet their needs.
  • Facilitating work-life balance with our telecommuting policy, flexible working arrangements and specific training.