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Culture Media

A fundamental tool in microbiology, pre-poured culture media are used today to screen patients who are carriers of multiresistant bacteria.

  • A culture medium is a nutritive preparation allowing the growth of isolated colonies of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast or mold). It is the first step for their identification.
  • Chromogenic culture media ensure the direct isolation and reliable, rapid identification of bacteria. They are, amongst other things, intended for the screening of patients colonized by multiresistant bacteria responsible for healthcare-associated infections.
    • Thanks to the incorporation of chromogenic substrates, these media combine the isolation and identification of the target microorganisms in a single step, reducing the time-to-results.
    • They are very easy to use: simply observe the color of the cultures and you have the result. The specific chromogenic substrate contained in each medium makes it possible to distinguish each type of colony by its color.

Chromogenic media: uncolored substrates are incorporated into the agar gel. These substrates are absorbed by a species of bacteria and produce a colored substance (metabolite) that is characteristic of this bacterium. This colored metabolite remains in the bacteria's cells, leading to the production of colored bacteria colonies that are visible to the naked eye.

Why it’s important

Culture media are among the fundamental tools used by microbiologists. The development of chromogenic culture media has given a new impetus to this traditional tool, delivering results that are rapid, reliable and easy-to-interpret.

bioMérieux's product offering

  • bioMérieux has 50 years of experience in manufacturing culture media. Its culture media production site in Craponne (France) is the largest in Europe.
  • European leader for the production of pre-poured media (PPM), both conventional and chromogenic, we offer an extensive range of culture media (over 100 products available in different forms: Petri plates, tubes, vials).
  • bioMérieux is a pioneer in the development of chromogenic culture media.
    • Committed to the fight against healthcare-associated infections, bioMérieux produces media for screening patients who are carriers of multiresistant bacteria.
    • The chromID® range of culture media comprises high medical-value tests allowing, in particular, the detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus.
      • chromID® MRSA to screen for the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria
      • chromID® ESBL,  for extended-spectrum beta lactamase-producing enterobacteria
      • chromID® VRE for the detection of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus
      • chromID® C. difficile for the isolation and identification in only 24 hours of the Clostridium difficile bacteria, responsible for healthcare-associated epidemics that can be extremely severe and associated with high mortality.
      • chromID® Salmonella Elite, for earlier detection of Salmonella strains in clinical fecal samples.
      • chromID® CARBA SMART for the detection of carbapenemase-producing bacteria.
        • RAPIDEC® CARBA NP the new high medical value test confirms Carbapenemase-producing bacteria in agar cultures.

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