Pioneering diagnostics

Blood Culture

An innovative solution for the diagnosis of sepsis in critical patient care.



Septicemia refers to the presence of microbes (bacteria and/or fungi) in blood and is often associated with severe infections. It remains one of the most significant challenges in critical care today and claims 10,000 lives worldwide every day.

Laboratory detection of bacterial and fungal infections using blood culture remains one of the most important tools for the diagnosis of septicemia, which can lead to sepsis, a serious medical condition caused by an overwhelming immune response to infection.

Why it’s important

More than any other type of microbial infection, for sepsis every minute counts and early and appropriate antibiotic therapy is associated with improved patient survival.

Our product offering

  • The automated BacT/ALERT® 3D system allows rapid bacterial detection of positive blood cultures in cases of septicemia.
    • It can also be used to detect mycobacteria in pulmonary tuberculosis.
    • It is the only modular system able to do both kinds of testing.
  • VIRTUO™,automated blood culture microbial detection system. Press Release
  • bioMérieux is constantly innovating to develop the solutions to provide faster actionable results for more targeted patient management and antibiotic used for blood culture.
  • Some recent developments include:
    • broader antimicrobial neutralization,
    • enhanced microorganism recovery,
    • optimized time to detection,
    • safety improvement.
  • Since the majority of samples taken from patients suffering from sepsis contain high levels of antibiotics their neutralization is an important asset to facilitate bacterial growth.
    • Our new FAN Plus BacT/ALERT culture media has been specifically designed to contain adsorbent polymer beads which enhance neutralization of antibiotics, in line with changes in antibiotic treatment practices.
    • Shatter-resistant FAN® Plus bottles reduce potentiel for biohazard exposure.
    • It also allows faster growth and improved recovery.