Pioneering diagnostics

bioMérieux Innovation

bioMérieux's instruments, reagents and software are based on tried and tested methods and technologies, creating high-performance solutions that are robust and efficient.

Our systems are based on three core technologies:


Phenotypic methods remain the reference in microbiology. bioMérieux's technological expertise is reflected not only in our extensive range of conventional and chromogenic culture media, but also in the instruments that comprise our modular laboratory automation solutions.

Proteomic methods provide signatures that are extremely useful in the identification of pathogens. Based on MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry technology, the VITEK MS® solution fits seamlessly into the rest of the range and offers new advantages in terms of simplicity and speed.


Immunological methods are used for the diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of numerous diseases. bioMérieux's technological expertise enables us to offer an extensive menu of around 100 tests that can be performed on demand on our VIDAS® system.

Molecular Biology

Molecular methods, used for rapid identification, require the extraction of nucleic acids, sometimes from difficult sample types. Based on BOOM technology, the NucliSENS® easyMAG® solution enables flexible DNA and RNA extraction. Our ARGENE® PCR kits complete this range.