Pioneering diagnostics

Being Part of a Team

At bioMérieux, employees are our greatest asset; and we make every effort to ensure the success and engagement of those who join our team.

50 Years of Human Adventure

Human adventure lies behind all entrepreneurial ventures.

From the outset bioMérieux has brought together men and women to serve a highly demanding humanist cause. Exploring uncharted territories, recognizing limits but seeking to exceed them, taking pride in the path travelled and dreaming of the journey that lies ahead: such are the foundations of a human adventure, which has continued unabated for half a century.

Our efforts have been strengthened along the way by adding new partners, whose experience has enhanced our expertise in research, production, quality control, and distribution.

Today, our pioneering spirit is carried on by around 10,000 employees around the world.

bioMérieux among the top 4 most attractive companies in France

At the eighth edition of the Randstad Awards, held in 2017, bioMérieux was deemed the fourth most attractive company in France by members of the general public.

In late 2016, 7,042 people aged 18 to 65 years were surveyed to measure the relative appeal (i.e. the perception of individuals who would want to work for an employer of which they have direct knowledge) of 250 companies operating in France.

This prize is recognition for our company culture, which is both entrepreneurial and respectful of our employees. It shows that we can be innovative and effective in economic terms, while ensuring that top priority is given to the well-being of the men and women who work for our company."

Michel Baguenault, General Secretary


Coming on Board

New bioMérieux employees participate in customized on-boarding experiences designed to accelerate the employee’s confidence in the role and create networks within the organization. Opportunities include classroom training, peer-to-peer mentoring, networking groups and supportive relationships with the managerial team.

Every employee at bioMérieux belongs to a team; and each team is charged with creating and sustaining a high-performing, engaging environment that maximizes each employee’s individual strengths and talents. bioMérieux invests significantly in internal support systems through Mérieux Université to grow both teams and individuals—creating a meaningful experience for our employees and a positive outcome for our customers and the patients who rely on our products.