Pioneering diagnostics


Our commitment to the fight against AIDS started at the very beginning of the epidemic.

Our Commitment

In 1985, shortly after the discovery of the HIV virus, our research teams developed one of the first screening tests available. Since that time, our products have continuously evolved and improved to meet HIV testing needs for screening, prevention of mother-to-child transmission and treatment monitoring.

Adapting Technology to a Range of Needs

Solutions for the diagnosis and management of HIV infection that are easily accessible to laboratories, whatever the healthcare setting and system.

  • VIKIA® VIH, rapid tests particularly suited to healthcare dispensaries,
  • VIDAS®, for single-sample utilization or small series in modest-sized laboratories,
  • VIRONOSTIKA® for high volumes (transfusion centers and large laboratories),
  • Dry Blood Spot (DBS) protocol, making viral load monitoring accessible in remote areas,
  • NucliSENS® molecular biology solutions for viral load monitoring, adapted to laboratories of all sizes.

Dry Blood Spot

bioMérieux was the first company to develop a specific Dry Blood Spot protocol for HIV viral load monitoring that is CE approved for venous and capillary blood samples. The test is performed on filter paper. This technology makes it possible to monitor viral load even in remote areas with poor infrastructures.

“Dry” blood samples (a few drops of blood absorbed onto filter paper) can be collected in local health clinics with no need for a laboratory and skilled technicians. Thanks to easier transport and storage conditions, combined with a reduced need for refrigeration (even in tropical climates), this technique offers an important new development in viral load monitoring. Patients no longer need to travel to be tested.


Sharing Knowledge

In addition to our broad product offering, bioMérieux actively contributes to the fight against HIV by organizing top-level scientific meetings on a regular basis to share new knowledge about this major public health challenge.