Pioneering diagnostics

Agri-food industry

Diagnostic tests help companies to ensure the quality of the products they manufacture to protect consumer health.

The challenge

  • Food-related infections are common throughout the world, in particular in emerging countries. Millions of people are affected each year and, in some cases, the ingestion of food that is unsuitable for consumption can lead to death. Using diagnostic tests, bacteria such as Salmonella or Escherichia coli can be detected during food processing.
  • The pathogens present in food are able to propagate very easily due to the globalization of food production and supply chains: food safety crises transcend national boundaries.
  • Faced with the increasing demands of legislators and consumers, the food processing industry is organizing and implementing control, certification and traceability procedures.

More than 200 diseases can be transmitted
via food

The role of diagnostics

  • To protect consumers' health and quality of life, it is essential to control the quality of food processing. Diagnostic tests play a role at all stages of production.
  • Throughout the various production stages, from raw material to finished product, bioMérieux offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed for industrial microbiological control:
    • counting quality indicators (spoilage flora),
    • detecting pathogenic microorganisms,
    • identifying microorganisms,
    • monitoring hygiene in the production environment,
    • checking product sterility.
  • In view of the growing demands of companies and regulations, bioMérieux offers a wide variety of testing solutions that have been validated by national and international organizations such as AOAC International and AFNOR. bioMérieux's solutions meet high performance specifications in terms of accuracy, reliability and speed of results, and have been adopted by a growing number of accredited laboratories.